Acapture: How to set a new standard in the payments industry

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In 2015, Payvision launched Acapture with one goal in mind: to set a new standard in the payments industry. We saw that merchants were dealing with inflexible, legacy payment platforms that were slowing down international growth. This made us determined to craft a complete omnichannel solution, one built using the most cutting-edge technology to suit the pace of modern retail.

Over the last twelve months, Acapture has gone from strength to strength, developing omnichannel solutions that encourage cross-border expansion and maximize the revenue of our merchants. Every day in our offices across the world, creative, knowledgeable, dynamic people work in a vibrant atmosphere, driven by a desire to deliver better and better results for our merchants.

It is only right that everything about the company expresses the positive, ambitious and forward-thinking personalities of our people, from our logo to our website to our brochures, slogans, advertising and more. And, now, Acapture’s look reflects the work and attitude of its team. It’s all there in our new branding that we proudly present to you today.

A guiding principle of this rebranding effort was a desire to make things as clear as possible for our stakeholders and the results of this entire process can be seen in our newly launched website. Our refurbished online platform is clear, guiding the user through our solutions and services in the simplest, smoothest manner possible. The website’s images are vivid, the information is straight to the point and it is never hard to find what you are looking for in its sleek pages.

Thanks for reading and watching, and thanks for joining us on this incredible journey. We look forward to breaking more great news about Acapture to you in the very near future!

Enjoy our new website!

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