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Marketplaces on top, cross-border surging and merchants feeling confident

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Marketplaces on top, cross-border surging and merchants feeling confident

Since 2014, Payvision has been running the biggest annual global survey on cross-border ecommerce in the industry. This in-depth research seeks the opinions of key players from all aspects of online retail, including merchants, service providers and analysts, to take the pulse of the sector and offer key, actionable statistics for ambitious retailers strategizing for …...

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Cross-Border Ecommerce 2017 – Payvision’s Annual Report is Here!

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Cross-Border Ecommerce 2017 – Payvision’s Annual Report is Here

Each edition of this annual paper has tracked fascinating shifts in attitudes towards cross-border ecommerce. The earliest reports in 2013 and 2014 painted a picture of a cross-border online retail market heading skywards, fueled by increased internet penetration worldwide and surging mobile connectivity. 2015 was the year that China’s place at the head of the cross-border ecommerce table was cemented, with the jaw-dropping revenue generated on …...

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Generation Z leads mobile payments growth in B2B operations

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Mobile payments are the backbone of an increasingly omnichannel retail environment, allowing consumers to slip seamlessly between multiple devices, channels, and locations. Consumer mobile transactions are growing at a phenomenal rate, double that of the average retail, according to Critero’s latest State of Mobile Commerce report. Gen Z leads the way This impressive growth in …...

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The 4 main payment challenges for online travel agencies

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With the value of online travel bookings estimated to hit $837 billion in 2017, it’s a good time to be an online travel agency (OTA). That does not mean, however, that claiming a stake of this huge market is easy. In fact, the challenges facing an OTA with international ambitions are numerous. One of the …...

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3 considerations for online merchants who sell cross-border

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Online merchants are increasingly taking interest in expanding beyond their domestic markets and sell cross-border. With this expansion, comes a need for increased market intelligence which includes a mix of considerations: Communicating and marketing to local audiences Creating a shopping experience that fulfills the expectations of new markets Cross-border checkout Cross-border marketing & shopper expectations …...

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The Canadian Code of Conduct – 2015 updates

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If you are a Canadian merchant/ payment service provider/ ISO or you do or intend to do business in Canada, this one is for you!! Pleased to share our thoughts and offer a better understanding on the most important updates brought by the recent changes in the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit …...

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Payments event: Key trends and takeaways from MONEY2020

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“Consumers don’t want to spend more” was one of the most important take-away from Money2020 payments event, which took place in Las Vegas, November 2014. It is the first time the payments industry is really listening to the consumer. The paradigm has shifted, now merchants want to be unique by asking for financial products and …...

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Key business drivers and opportunities in cross-border ecommerce

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Payvision has released the annual research paper dubbed “Key Business Drivers and Opportunities in Cross-Border Ecommerce”. The report is the result of a collaborative global survey by and Payvision and it reveals interesting insights on how merchants, PSPs and acquirers believe cross-border ecommerce has changed, their preferred markets for driving growth, which markets hold …...

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Payments Events: ETA Transact 14 makes payments cool!

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Electronic Transactions Association’s TRANSACT 2014 event, founded 24 years ago and dubbed “The hub of payments and technology”, opened its doors to more than 3,000 credit card companies, banks, payment processors, regulators, retailers, and press representatives. The evolution of this conference over the past decades has placed a growing focus on knowledge and sharing best …...

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Social Casino Videos – traditional & real-money gaming leaders

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Social Casino Videos

“Social casino is an incredibly hot space”, says Bret Terril, founder of the 12Gigs company. We thought the same! We have conducted a research paper, available to you in Payvision’s latest launched report: Two Worlds Collide: Traditional & Real-money Gaming converge in the Race for Social Casino, completed by in-depth interviews with the industry leaders, …...

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