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The Rise of debit cards within the online payments market

Comments (0) Global Acquiring, Global Card Processing, International Online Payments, Payment Industry Trends

Inspired by one of the key findings from the most recent World Payment Report 2012, which refers to the increasing trend in card transactions, we dug deeper into this topic and tried to understand what the future may bring. We talked about the reasons for the positive evolution of debit card payments’ volume and their …...

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The key to successful international ecommerce

Comments (0) Global Card Processing, International Online Payments, Payment Industry Trends, Payments Events

Money 2020 Event: One global acquiring network – the key to successful international ecommerce! At the Money2020 event that took place in Las Vegas in October 2012, which I was invited to speak, I focused my message on the global nature of ecommerce and its innovation, technology and new business strategy requirements! In today’s ecommerce ecosystem, everyone …...

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