Ignacio González-Páramo

Fragmentation & uneven playing field in the proposed European payments legislation

Comments (0) Compliance, Global Card Processing, Payments Regulation

While in theory the imminent European proposed legislation seeks a harmonized market for payments, the reality shows us a fairly fragmented one, mainly due to a lack of cooperation between home and host regulators. To illustrate this point we can look at the proposal for a revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) pursuing harmonization effects, but …...

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Thoughts from Visa Europe Acceptance Risk Forum

Comments (0) Compliance, International Online Payments, Payments Regulation

Recently, Visa Europe organized its first Visa Europe Acceptance Risk Forum, in order to help establishing a solid community where acquirers and PSPs, regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organizations share non-competitive information and issues for the mutual benefit of the global acquiring and payments ecosystem. Speakers and attendees gathered together in London on …...

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E-payments and M-payments security rules; Competition concerns

Comments (0) Compliance, Global Card Processing, Payments Regulation

On 4th and 5th of July, I attended the European Payments Regulation event as guest speaker, both on behalf of Payvision and the European Payment Institutions Federation (aka EPIF). During the Strategy Roundtable I took part in (together with Dag-Inge Flatraaker – Head of Group Payments Infrastructure and Strategy, DNB BANK, Alain Hiltgen – Executive …...

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E-payments and M-payments security rules: Customer-oriented approach

Comments (0) Compliance, Global Card Processing, International Online Payments, Mobile Payments and mPOS, Payments Regulation

One of the main challenges for E-payments and M-payments providers is to operate in a global, complex and highly regulated market, as the services are rendered on a cross-border basis. That’s also the case from a security perspective. The rules to be complied with by different stakeholders come from different sources (such as local regulators, …...

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Regulation, the biggest game changer in the payments industry

Comments (0) Global Card Processing, International Online Payments, Payment Industry Trends, Payments Regulation

I took part in the Payment Institution Panel during the EPCA event at EPIF’s invitation. We wanted to share some insights with you about the ‘game changers’ in the payments industry. With Michael Wade’s presentation on disruptive innovation in mind, I believe regulations will definitely play a major role in the evolution of payments in coming …...

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@ Visa Europe’s webinar to talk about VE Merchant Agent List

Comments (0) Global Acquiring, Global Card Processing, Payment Service Providers, Payments Regulation

  Visa Europe Merchant Agent List is a very efficient way of pooling resources and streamlining the identification process of merchant agents in the international online payments arena. Where multiple acquirers might try to identify and work with individual merchant agents, sometimes with little success, the standing and reach of Visa Europe has enabled this …...

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