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We live and work in a technology dominated world, especially in the e-commerce and international online payments arena, we live and work. In this hyper-connected environment there are fewer reasons to have face-to-face dialogues that lead us to genuine human connection and greater insight. Companies, merchants, card holders, customers, and the entire value chain are scattered all across the globe. In the past decades, we understood the necessity of building authentic connections and business relationships, and maintaining them in order to achieve mutual success together with our partners. Aside from offering high-quality, innovative solutions and a product suite, trustworthy human connections remain the key to long-term partnerships.

There are many tools that facilitate our day-to-day business communication, particularly in the online payment processing business, but, by default, they require our 24/7 availability to our clients. So, we keep in touch, on a daily basis, via email, phone, Instant Messaging, Skype and so on, but in the end, the face-to-face involvement that we have with our partners is the most important. Our sales and account managers meet our business partners three to four times in the course of a year, meaning every three months, and they also see each other at industry trade shows. We believe these face-to-face discussions are very important, since they make it easier to correctly understand and address any issue, topic or challenge. Therefore, at Payvision, we make sure we have multiple points of contact with our partners.

Moreover, we plan regular monthly meetings at the beginning of a partnership, as it is truly important to know what to expect from each other, to have a better understanding about how we are going to enter the market, what our objectives and our challenges are and what the best way is to address them! We also join our partners at their meetings with their merchants, because, at the end of the day, we are the card processing experts, and most of our partners are more involved at the front-end, delivering the payment gateway services. A face-to-face meeting has the potential to create an exclusive human connection with the teaching-learning process. This way, we are able to develop common strategies with clear target and approach.

In summary, the online payment market already requires an enormous amount of time spent online, which, in some cases, can even reduce our innate abilities to communicate. Therefore,  the human interaction is, in our opinion, at least as important as digital interaction, because we truly consider it to be a key driver to building trustworthy partnerships with all of our partners and, of course, with potential partners in the market. So, the next time you are about to plan a Skype conference or write an extensive email, please ask yourself the following questions:

Is there something I can do to improve the human connections I have with my partners, collaborators or any other stakeholder? Can I actually engage them in a more human discourse in order to create personal connections, increased insight and an understanding of their real needs and requirements, and so achieve mutual benefits?



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