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Download the latest cross-border ecommerce report

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To contribute to the growth and global expansion of the payments industry, Payvision has constantly invested in market research. We are happy to share with you the results of our latest report, exploring key business drivers & opportunities in the cross-border ecommerce space, by analyzing the results of a Global Survey, conducted earlier this year. …...

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Matching merchants to payment processors with Joe Emig

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“Matching merchants to payment processors” was a very insightful panel organized during CNP Expo 2013, in Orlando, Florida. Our colleague Joe Emig attended it as a speaker and he came back with some key conclusions from the discussions he had with the merchants during the session. He gave advice on the ingredients of successful partnerships, …...

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Strategic trends identified @ Global Payment Summit

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The Global Payment Summit is aimed at easing the global exchange of new developments and lessons learned in the payments industry, worldwide. The Summit has been positioned in Asia, specifically in Singapore, because of the huge growth this region has shown, offering enormous opportunities for capitalizing on many lessons learned from leapfrogging countries in the Asian …...

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Video Report: Listen to international eCommerce leaders CNP Expo 2013

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International eCommerce in the card not present space is growing fast. This was the motif of CNP Expo 2013. The event, held in May in Orlando, Florida, provided an excellent forum to meet international eCommerce leaders and to have a dialogue on trending topics for the card not present industry, such as chargeback management, cross-border …...

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Regulation, the biggest game changer in the payments industry

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I took part in the Payment Institution Panel during the EPCA event at EPIF’s invitation. We wanted to share some insights with you about the ‘game changers’ in the payments industry. With Michael Wade’s presentation on disruptive innovation in mind, I believe regulations will definitely play a major role in the evolution of payments in coming …...

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Visa Europe asks merchant agents to attest their compliance in online payments arena

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In the international online payments arena, merchants, payments service providers, financial institutions and acquirers are conscious that the environment in which they transact, process payments, and transmit data has become extremely complex, with multiple regulatory and data security requirements to meet. Data security requirements – PCI DSS are enforced by the Card Organizations such as …...

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Mobile Payments: A shifting landscape in which Cash is Mobile

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Mobile phones are becoming preferred smart payment devices. 87% of the world owns a mobile phone and according to Gartner Research estimates, sales of smartphones will continue to grow by 75% each year. In 2009, 4.7 Billion people owned a mobile phone; by the end of 2011, this number had reached 6 Billion, an increase …...

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Building human connections in online payments & ecommerce arena

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We live and work in a technology dominated world, especially in the e-commerce and international online payments arena, we live and work. In this hyper-connected environment there are fewer reasons to have face-to-face dialogues that lead us to genuine human connection and greater insight. Companies, merchants, card holders, customers, and the entire value chain are …...

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Profitable Cross-Border Ecommerce Industries: Online Software

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The fifth profitable Cross-Border Ecommerce Industry tackled in our white paper is the traditional online software market that suffered the consequences of the growing popularity of SaaS, losing $7 billion in 2009. The total soft­ware market continues to grow to $264 billion in 2011, a market in which cloud computing represented an 8% share. This …...

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Profitable cross-border ecommerce industries: Online gaming

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Changing business models in a growing market, create exciting opportunities for the card payment industry. The global games market is currently estimated at $68 billion and is dominated by europe (31.3%), north america (30.4%) and apac (28.4%). the number of (paying) gamers which play & pay online is growing explosively. as business models change and …...

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