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Payvision and Acapture win “Best PSP” Award at MPE Berlin 2017!

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Payvision and Acapture win Best PSP Award at MPE Berlin 2017

The 10th edition of the Merchant Payments Ecosystem event hosted in Berlin this week brought some big news for Payvision and Acapture! In addition to gathering all the key experts to discuss the most up-to-date industry insights, MPE 2017 brought us… the Best PSP Award!  We are excited and honored for this special praise! Check …...

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Looking forward to MPE Berlin 2017!

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Although the winter holidays are just around the corner, we can’t help brainstorming and preparing for one of the industry’s top events taking place at the very beginning of 2017 in Europe, MPE Berlin. What event? Merchant Payments Ecosystem or more commonly known as MPE, is the leading European event on merchant payments, offering rich …...

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Omnichannel, a point of confusion for merchants

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Among fraud, data and machine learning, and cross-border ecommerce, industry leaders at the CNP EXPO 2016 stressed the significant difference that an omnichannel strategy makes on businesses, and its impact on today’s ecommerce sector. Omnichannel has been listed as one of the main trending topics for a couple of years, and as pointed out by …...

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CNP EXPO 2016 Main keywords – online fraud, data and machine learning

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As card not present (CNP) transactions grow, online fraud is growing too, and with EMV migration in the US it is expected to grow even more. No wonder fraud is so high on merchants’ list of concerns! Next to omnichannel, big data and cross-border, fraud was also one of the main keywords of the CNP EXPO …...

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Payments trends and highlights from MPE Berlin 2016

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During the three days of the 9th Annual Conference for the acquiring industry – Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE Berlin), European acquirers, solution providers, merchants and regulators came together to network, learn and share knowledge. Amongst the topics discussed at length were the IPOs and market consolidation, European acquiring, omnichannel, shopping experience, potential changes in security, …...

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Payvision won the Best Acquirer Award at MPE Berlin 2016!

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The 9th annual Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) Berlin 2016 brought together more than 100+ speakers from a broad range of industry players such as acquirers, FinTech companies, payment service providers, merchants, card schemes, regulators, software providers, ISOs and industry experts. Payvision attended the event, presented our omnichannel strategy and also participated in a panel on …...

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EMA2015 – The impact of payments regulatory changes in Europe

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The 5th Electronic Money Association conference (EMA) took place in October 2015, in Brussels. The bi-annual event facilitates a two-way conversation between regulators and EMA members on the upcoming legislative changes in European Economic Area (EEA), such as the Revised Directives on Payment Services (PSD2) and Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD). The conference is particularly …...

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Discussing EU security requirements of EBA and PSD2 at EMA 2015

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During my panel at the 5th Electronic Money Association (EMA) Conference in Brussels about the updated Payments Service Directive (PSD2) provisions on IT security, I shared my views together with other panelists from the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the EMA, on the EBA Guidelines issued in 2014, and the more stringent requirements that will …...

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Mcommerce and ecommerce trends in the global acquiring space

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Ecommerce has exploded across the globe and hit USD 1.3 trillion at the end of 2014, out of which the mcommerce share was 34%. The globalization of ecommerce is no longer simply a concept that is “coming soon”; rapid advancements in commerce platforms and mobile marketplaces seamlessly bring together buyers and sellers from different regions. …...

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Cross-border ecommerce in China – omnichannel and localization

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The 3rd edition of the Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition in Shanghai was a great opportunity for Chinese merchants to meet and share ideas about cross-border ecommerce. At the same time, it brought together Western companies targeting the fast-paced Chinese market and local companies interested in expanding overseas, across Chinese borders. The 2-day event tackled both import …...

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