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Mcommerce and ecommerce trends in the global acquiring space

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Ecommerce has exploded across the globe and hit USD 1.3 trillion at the end of 2014, out of which the mcommerce share was 34%. The globalization of ecommerce is no longer simply a concept that is “coming soon”; rapid advancements in commerce platforms and mobile marketplaces seamlessly bring together buyers and sellers from different regions. …...

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Cross-border ecommerce in China – omnichannel and localization

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The 3rd edition of the Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition in Shanghai was a great opportunity for Chinese merchants to meet and share ideas about cross-border ecommerce. At the same time, it brought together Western companies targeting the fast-paced Chinese market and local companies interested in expanding overseas, across Chinese borders. The 2-day event tackled both import …...

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Top challenges faced by the global acquiring industry

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The video report below highlights the main insights discussed during Global Acquiring Conference (GAC), in London, May 5-7. As the innovation and FinTech hub in Europe, London offered the perfect stage for a CEO audience targeting strategic issues and looking to work together for the growth of the whole acquiring industry. We were joined by …...

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All eyes on EMV – top trends from ETA Transact 2015

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The EMV fraud liability shift created many debates during ETA Transact 2015, held in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. As of October 2015, the liability of any fraud losses will be passed from issuer to retailer, so the latter has to ensure the new EMV technology is in place and they are no longer …...

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Mobile payments takeaways from ETA Transact 2015 Expo

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ETA Transact 2015 was held in March 2015, in San Francisco – the home of innovation. The expo brought together leaders and innovators in the payments and FinTech industries, from all over the world. Hot topics such as EMV shift, the maze of solutions in the mobile payments space, fraud and start-up investment were discussed …...

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The basics of European regulation and public affairs in payments

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The basics of European Regulation and its impact on the way the payments business is driven by most of the players in the European payments ecosystem were a greatly appreciated and requested topic during the latest edition of the Visa Risk Acceptance Forum, held in London, on 26th-27th of November. This is quite significant in …...

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Visa Acceptance Risk Forum: Payments regulation insights

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Visa Europe Acceptance Risk Forum was held on 25th and 26th November, London, at Visa Europe headquarters. Delegates were invited to attend this second annual Risk Forum, specifically tackling the risks payment providers and acquirers face from merchant practices. With increased use of the Internet as a channel for payments, comes greater risk of online …...

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China’s cross-border ecommerce is the next big bang

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“China’s cross-border ecommerce is the next big bang” was the conclusion of the recently launched white paper from Payvision, acknowledging the immense business opportunities China is offering to merchants around the world. But there is a lack of knowledge about these opportunities; Western merchants are still skeptical of Chinese expansion. Spending most of my time …...

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Payments event: Key trends and takeaways from MONEY2020

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“Consumers don’t want to spend more” was one of the most important take-away from Money2020 payments event, which took place in Las Vegas, November 2014. It is the first time the payments industry is really listening to the consumer. The paradigm has shifted, now merchants want to be unique by asking for financial products and …...

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Expanding your business: European payments regulation

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During my “European payments regulation” presentation at the Grad School hosted by Payvision during CNP EXPO | Orlando, I talked about the regulatory ins and outs that operating in the European Union has, for those players interested in expanding their business to Europe or to improve their already-existent European activities. Europe has a quite complex …...

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