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@ Visa Europe’s webinar to talk about VE Merchant Agent List

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  Visa Europe Merchant Agent List is a very efficient way of pooling resources and streamlining the identification process of merchant agents in the international online payments arena. Where multiple acquirers might try to identify and work with individual merchant agents, sometimes with little success, the standing and reach of Visa Europe has enabled this …...

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Visa Europe asks merchant agents to attest their compliance in online payments arena

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In the international online payments arena, merchants, payments service providers, financial institutions and acquirers are conscious that the environment in which they transact, process payments, and transmit data has become extremely complex, with multiple regulatory and data security requirements to meet. Data security requirements – PCI DSS are enforced by the Card Organizations such as …...

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@PCI Europe2012 to build a safer global payments landscape

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The PCI Europe 2012 event held in Amsterdam in November brought together from all around Europe, under the same roof, the stakeholders and decision makers responsible for payments systems security, cardholder data protection and taking care of their organization – merchants, acquiring banks and PSPs seeking to become or remain PCI compliant. Their presentations and …...

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About PCI DSS Mobile Payment-Acceptance Security guide

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In October 2012, the PCI Security Standards Council released the Mobile Payment-Acceptance Security Guidelines, seeking to increase awareness among the developers and to educate them on card holder data security, while they are designing mobile applications that comply with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). Given the fast-paced mobile shopping market, these guidelines were …...

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