The current state of the payments industry by Ron Kalifa

The current state of the payments industry by Ron Kalifa

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Examining the payments industry and what the future holds for this ever-changing landscape has always been on the top of our mind. When producing this year’s MPE Berlin video report, we interviewed some key opinion leaders to understand their thoughts about the current state of the payments sector. We’d like to share our discussion with Ron Kalifa, a renowned personality in payments, who talked about the complexities of the current landscape and the recipe for success for payment solutions providers (PSPs).


While previously, payments used to be an operation handled in the back office of most organizations, nowadays, payments are no longer seen as a minor aspect of the business. On the contrary, they have become a key part of C-level discussions. Thanks to this development, payments have become more strategic, going from “being boring, to the boardroom”.

Payments industry, from boring to boardroom

As part of the evolution of the payments industry, merchant services have also gained more value. Nowadays, it’s no longer just about processing transactions as that’s perceived more as a commodity. PSPs must find innovative ways to drive more value to merchants and help them increase their sales. They achieve this bold goal by helping them reduce cost and mitigate fraud. As Ron Kalifa indicated, “that’s actually where this industry is moving forward.”

PSD2 context and complexities

Although the implications and consequences of PSD2 are perceived as great challenges within the industry, Ron pointed out that the payment directive is actually a great enabler for the payments ecosystem. It basically increases access to the market, drives innovation and increases competition within the industry by encouraging payments providers to come up with better ways to service their merchants.

PSD2 is posing a slower and a longer burn than originally anticipated. Merchants play a smaller role in the preparation for PSD2 than merchant services providers, as the latter must eliminate the PSD2 complexities and provide compliant solutions for merchants. However, merchants do have to stay informed and up to date with the changes and implications of PSD2, to make sure they find a reliable, fully compliant payments partner. Don’t miss our short but comprehensive report on PSD2 and its implications.

Technology, the key to success in the payments industry

A perpetual industry-related question is how does one succeed in an industry where margins are so small and competition is so high?

According to Ron Kalifa, it’s all about heavily investing in technology. Why?

“Technology is a massive enabler” for the payments industry. Higher investments in technology to help merchants grow their business is the recipe for success for the majority of merchant services providers. They must keep on innovating in order to support the ever changing needs of merchants such as cross-border ecommerce and omnichannel, and to anticipate and overcome the challenges they experience.

Make sure to check out our video report with more key opinion leaders sharing their thoughts about the different hot trends and topics within the payments industry.

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