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With the New Year right around the corner, now is a great time to look back on the progresses we made in 2015 and think about how they will impact the evolution of our company and of our partners in the coming year. The focus of this article is to highlight Payvision’s key achievements that will support our company’s development in 2016.

Launching Acapture

Payvision launched its daughter company, Acapture, a brand new global omnichannel PSP. Acapture designs payment solutions that eliminate the obstacles modern online merchants face in their payment processing and support cross-border growth. Acapture’s system features split payments for simplified transactions involving multiple parties, flexible reporting for improved data analysis, a one-day integration, a streamlined reconciliation process and the ability to handle more than 50 of the most popular alternative payment methods and more than 150 transaction currencies. This combination of simplicity, flexibility and reliability ensures Acapture offers the most effective payment platform for maximizing international sales conversions, particularly in the world’s top 25 emerging markets. Acapture solutions are supported by Payvision’s years of experience, deep local knowledge, ability to handle alternative payment methods and proven security.

Partnering with PayPlaza

By becoming a strategic investor in PayPlaza, Payvision adds an innovative and flexible POS/ mPOS solution to its global payment processing offering, allowing partnering merchants to deploy a unified processing system with omnichannel functionality. The user experience is cohesive and merchants can offer their consumers integrated and personalized shopping capabilities.

Payments Awards

Payvision won the Best Merchant Acquirer/Processor Award, during the Payments Awards in November 2015, in London. The competition recognizes cards and payments excellence and technology innovation, so I am very happy and grateful for Payvision’s commitment to excellence.

Collaboration with Dah Sing Bank

Through this collaboration, Payvision showcases the ability to deliver value to both merchants and acquiring banks, and strengthens the company’s presence and development in the APAC region. Read more about our partnership here: http://blog.payvision.com/payvision-enters-into-collaboration-with-dah-sing-bank/

Payvision launches its ISO partnership program in Canada

At the beginning of this year we launched our ISO partnership program in Canada. Payvision’s ONE global acquiring platform connects Canadian merchants, PSPs, ISOs and agents with acquiring banks throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, based on a non-competitive partnership model in which all stakeholders share revenue. Our domestic processing solution incorporates local payments expertise in the Canadian landscape and an in-depth knowledge of local government regulations and card scheme rules for the benefit of merchants doing business in Canada.

Launching three more white papers:

  1. The Mobile Payments Revolution – This white paper looks at the rolling wave of mobile payments, m-commerce and mPOS across all global markets including Asia, Europe and the US. It addresses consumer preferences and behavior, helping us understand why the mobile payments revolution is finally redefining the payments landscape, and ultimately how merchants should capitalize on it.
  2. Key Business Drivers And Opportunities In Cross-Border Ecommerce 2015 – This paper is one of the most comprehensive and extensive reports on cross-border ecommerce available. The layout by region allows for easy navigation, quick drilling down and extraction of key data from markets of interest.
  3. Payments optimization – This paper takes into account the increasing number of alternative payments available across different markets and the trends in mobile payments, but the subsequent back office complexities. Understanding which payment methods generate the best conversion rates results in the most effective offering. By following the actionable steps outlined in this paper, merchants can simplify their payments optimization process, and focus on growing their bottom line.

You may access the reports online and download your free copy. We, at Payvision, are happy to share our experience and contribute to the education and development of our industry. Let us know if you have questions, suggestions or you want to know more about our company.

Happy Holidays!

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