Looking forward to MPE Berlin 2017!

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Although the winter holidays are just around the corner, we can’t help brainstorming and preparing for one of the industry’s top events taking place at the very beginning of 2017 in Europe, MPE Berlin.

What event?

mpe-berlin-2017_-european-event-payments-payvisionMerchant Payments Ecosystem or more commonly known as MPE, is the leading European event on merchant payments, offering rich insight into the most popular online payment methods from C-level speakers representing local European, cross-border, traditional and alternative payment methods. The 2017 edition promises first-class education and actionable intelligence in just three days.

Here is our video report from last year’s edition, explaining the trends we discussed back then, with simplicity and frictionless the most recurring words.


The beautiful city of Berlin will be hosting the conference in 2017, just as last year, at the venue Intercontinental Berlin.


The 14th-16th of February are already saved for this exciting event, so we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with some of the most inspiring people in the payments industry, exchanging ideas about the latest trends in payments, ecommerce, data, acquiring, and more.

What will we be discussing?

Our COO, Gijs op de Weegh, will attend the conference as a speaker, joining other executives in two panel discussions on the topics of omnichannel and data. Why these topics? As merchants drive change and innovation in the payments ecosystem, and as payments become a less visible part of the transaction process, both topics address significant challenges that merchants currently face for their business growth. Here is why;


Whether they are in a store, online or moving seamlessly from one channel to another, customers always expect a seamless, convenient and user friendly experience. This type of customer expectation requires merchants to translate their online knowledge about transactions and consumer behavior to physical stores and link them to each other. By making use of data gathered online, merchants have the chance to optimize the entire shopping experience and customize it accordingly to the specific type of customers they have. By matching customer experience with customers’ preferred channels and devices, retailers can make payments seamless. For this reason, Gijs will discuss in detail how data science is the key to various issues that keep merchants up at night: decreasing fraud, increasing authorization rates and the ultimate goal of every merchant, increasing revenue.

Omnichannel: combining in-store and online payment information

The modern retailer must take an active role in all relevant channels: online, in-store, mobile and social. That is what it means to be omnichannel. In the online environment, this is usually simple for the retailer. The difficult part is keeping track of what is happening in-store. While 92 percent of all transactions are still carried out in the shop, retailers know very little about their in-store customers. By contrast, they know everything about the eight percent who shop online. By merging online and offline payments, the company can quantify and unlock customer data. This is the first step to leveraging data in order to offer the consumer a tailor-made product or service.

With this in mind, we are looking forward to meeting you at MPE Berlin 2017 and to share ideas on the expectations merchants have from PSPs about the topics above, but also about the flexibility and added-value we all have to provide.

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