Payvision and Acapture win “Best PSP” Award at MPE Berlin 2017!

Payvision and Acapture win Best PSP Award at MPE Berlin 2017

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The 10th edition of the Merchant Payments Ecosystem event hosted in Berlin this week brought some big news for Payvision and Acapture! In addition to gathering all the key experts to discuss the most up-to-date industry insights, MPE 2017 brought us… the Best PSP Award!  We are excited and honored for this special praise! Check out all the award categories and winners here.

What does the award represent?

The ‘Best PSP Award’ was intended for the payment service provider who provides the best overall service to its customer base, judged by a panel of independent payments industry experts.

Payvision and Acapture win Best PSP Award at MPE Berlin 2017

Best PSP Award at the 2017 MPE edition

Why did we win at MPE 2017?

Integrating Acapture’s data-driven omnichannel solution into its global acquiring network, Payvision has transformed itself into a data-driven omnichannel enterprise, becoming THE no 1 merchant acquirer and payment provider in the world, empowered by data science and analytics.

Our product

Product features include a simplified allocation of funds to multiple parties from a single transaction, data science management for improved authorization rates, a one-day integration using one RESTful API, flexible, consolidated reporting, a streamlined reconciliation process, global card acquiring and the ability to handle desktop, mobile and point-of-sale transactions, 80+ of the most popular alternative payment methods and 160+ transaction currencies.

In a nutshell, with a full suite of omnichannel payment features and data analytics in place on one single secure platform, Payvision has everything a merchant needs to keep their payment processes running seamlessly, giving shoppers the freedom and security to choose the payment method with which they are most familiar. The result? Increased global conversion rates and more business.

What problems can we help our merchants to solve?

For years, many online businesses have been aware of consumers’ precise behavior in this environment, whereas many owners of physical stores have practically no information on who their customers are and what they want. Our research shows that 92% of transactions are made in physical shops, not online, and this is why it is absolutely necessary to translate online knowledge about transactions and behavior to physical stores. Because consumers just expect a seamless, convenient and user-friendly shopping experience whether it’s in a store, online or leveraging both channels.

The main problem stays in the variety of systems and the need to match the data gathered across these systems. These systems have to be connected and to communicate with each other in order to allow data comparison and analytics. This helps optimize the entire shopping experience, based on the customers’ payment history, and point to the main areas of improvement. With this insight, we advise our merchants about the correct systems, channels, and devices to connect with their clients and make seamless payments.

Merchants use our full suite of data-driven omnichannel capabilities through a single interface and technological solutions for next-generation payment methods. Merchants can migrate from their multi-vendor strategies and expand their geographical footprint.

Essentially, empowered by data analytics, Payvision and Acapture offer retailers payment insights and solutions that optimize their businesses while reducing the total cost of transactions. Merchants achieve better authorization rates, enhanced security and higher revenues, growing their business globally.

We would like to thank all our partners for your continuous collaboration, and to our clients and prospects for their trust!

Here’s to many more wonderful achievements!


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