Payvision Group’s latest achievements and current focus

Payvision Group's latest achievements and current focus

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We are concluding our Payments Predictions Series with a video report in which we discuss Payvision and Acapture’s most memorable achievements from 2016, and our current focus and objectives for this year.

This month we celebrated Payvision’s 15th anniversary within an exciting and ever-changing industry. We are proud to have established ourselves as key payments providers, flexible, adventurous and always searching for innovative solutions for our partners! This is where we aimed to be; gathering solid experience, while keeping our startup mindset. We have built on our experience while creating our global acquiring network and we managed to keep our fresh approach by developing our Acapture solution. These two together allow us to be a complete data-driven omnichannel solution. We are very happy and grateful for these 15 years and excited to see what the next 15 bring us.

Industry recognition – Best PSP 2017

In 2016 we were awarded the Best Merchant Acquirer Award at MPE Berlin, recognizing Payvision’s great efforts to offer outstanding acquiring services to merchants throughout Europe. This year, on the 10th edition of MPE Berlin, we won the Best PSP Award, highlighting the best overall service that a payment service provider offers to its customer base. This award emphasizes our serious commitment to innovation; we won thanks to our recently launched data-driven omnichannel PSP, Acapture, integrated into our established global acquiring network, resulting in a complete payment platform for merchants with cross-border ambitions.

These two awards are amazing milestones in our evolution as an established player in the payments industry.


During 2016 we continued our industry research and revealed the most important insights and challenges impacting ecommerce and payments; we focused our reports on the following topics: omnichannel, mobile payments, cross-border ecommerce, online marketplaces payments, and online travel.

  1. Profitable Omnichannel Retail Report – offers an in-depth omnichannel assessment and advice for small and medium companies on how to optimize their most suitable channels in order to make the most of their omnichannel retail approach.
  2. Mobile Payments Report– discusses the expected growth for individual channels (mPOS, m-commerce; SMS), the main obstacles preventing the adoption of mobile payments and main trends affecting every region, where the strongest acceptance is, and why.
  3. Key Business Drivers and Opportunities in Cross-Border Ecommerce 2016 Report – explores the most effective international techniques, the most common payment methods in specific countries, how Brexit could affect future cross-border trade and the evolution of mobile commerce and how the mobile shopper and data science are positively impacting omnichannel capabilities.
  4. Online Marketplaces Payments Reportanalyzes the issues specific to online marketplace payments – from split settlements to PSD2 – discussing why they are so complex, what are the influencing factors and providing advice for solving these problems.
  5. Online Travel Agencies Reportpresents the main elements of the global OTA market, discussing main trends, activity in different regions, risks and opportunities and customer behavior.

Internal focus

During 2016 we were busy optimizing our internal procedures and products and perfecting our existent product offering in order to deliver the best quality service to our merchants. This year we have been concentrating our efforts on further integrating data science into our payment solutions to widen the opportunities that consumer behavior insights provide to merchants. These are new steps on our journey of creating added-value for our merchants and becoming a true ecommerce partner to help them maximize their revenues. Furthermore, we are continuously consolidating our cross-border ecommerce solution, supporting our merchants in Europe, Asia and Canada to expand their business globally.

Why data science

Data is key in the further development of the ecommerce and payments industry. Our data-driven solutions help us get ready for the future, beyond our role as a PSP we are able to offer further advice and support to our merchants. Among our areas of focus, we are working towards optimizing the authorization rates, reducing fraud, while keeping a very close look on the false positives, thus making sure that genuine transactions are not rejected. We are also focused on optimizing the checkout process, to provide frictionless experiences to our merchants’ consumers. This prevents cart abandonment and also offer merchants access to payment data. And so, we can truly support our merchants to achieve their business goals.

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