The 1st eLearning mobile app in the payments industry

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We are happy to share with you our newest project: Payvision eLearning Mobile App. It is the first eLearning mobile app in the payments industry, dedicated to share ecommerce knowledge and support web merchants to expand their business globally and learn more about the different aspects of cross-border ecommerce.

The platform is designed as an ecommerce “genie” and allows users to log in and find, in one convenient location, cross-border ecommerce information relevant to their business and international point of interest. While browsing through the app, you will find valuable information on different aspect of ecommerce such as cross-border ecommerce, research data per country, global acquiring, mobile payments, risk management, the shopper experience, taxation and many more. You will also have free access to the video stories of international merchants and vendors sharing their experience on cross-border trade.

Payvision’s Mobile App is part of the European-sponsored project, dubbed PECOS4SMEs, a cross-border ecommerce eLearning platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). An important source of education of merchants worldwide, PECOS4SMEs was founded with the support of the European Commission. Out of the 150 project requests registered in 2014, only three of them received the Commission’s endorsement. PECO4SMEs was one of them. The Cross-border Ecommerce Community (CBEC) and co-founder Payvision are main contributors to PECOS4SMEs.

App’s features include:

– PECOS4SMEs shared ecommerce stories – access to a library of videos including advice and strategic decisions on ecommerce from SMEs
Payvision white papers – access to up-to-date research on current trends, emerging markets and business opportunities
Payvision infographics – access to in depth ecommerce and cross-border data from key markets across the globe

Together with Payvision, you become part of a global ecosystem that boosts cross-border ecommerce for the benefit of all the players and the growth of the international ecommerce market.


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