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People around the world desire French local products and services – given their charm and international distinction. But, when it comes to ordering them online, the French domestic payment scheme makes cross-border ecommerce really challenging especially when it comes to multi-currency payments. Taking into account also the fact that France is the 3rd largest ecommerce market in Europe, after UK and Germany, it is in this context that we were very interested in entering the French market.

The solution came from Be2bill (part of Rentabiliweb Group) – a key player and one of the newest and most innovative ones in the French acquiring market. We understood their international development strategy to offer payment solutions to any e-merchant in the world, a strategic objective very aligned with our own mission – to offer one global platform for all transactions. So, together with Be2bill, we can now provide French e-merchants with tailor-made & cutting-edge solutions for processing Cartes Bancaires transactions!

In October, we attended the VAD conference expo in Lille, France, where Be2Bill was exhibiting. Jointly, we hosted a presentation of our partnership, its features, and the way we can provide the French market with global e-commerce through our Multi-Currency and All Regional Card Settlements. Together with Michael Burtscher, our VP Business Development, and Philippe Bontemps, General Director of Rentabiliweb Europe, we broadcasted from the event and we also explained, in a short video, the purpose and strategy which underlie our partnership:

For English version:

For French version:

We have received positive feedback; French merchants clearly appeared interested in our partnership, as many of them intend to expand their geographical footprint in the near future. Both Rentabiliweb and Payvision – through our worldwide PSPs partners, have long-term relationships with ecommerce merchants, so we appreciate their efforts to grow internationally and the importance of using a global payment processing platform. To put it in a nutshell, by partnering Be2bill, we can offer our partners a one-stop-shop for all the ecommerce merchants in France who want to go global, providing local solutions for them!

To give you an overview about this going global trend, if one wants to expand into new markets, to grow one’s cross-border ecommerce, one must face great challenges, both innovation and technology wise! So, the question is: how can we still be profitable and take advantage of all business opportunities that international expansion brings us? We answer to this question here: the key to successful international e-commerce – you will find it interesting!

We have also shared some pictures from the VAD conference here: link to VAD conference post.

Find out more information about our partnership with Be2bill here

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