Payvision’s partnerships to offer successful international online payment solutions

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In today’s crowded global payment market, business success requires more time and effort from our sales and management team. We have always relied on our international acquiring network and trustworthy partnerships, that sustain Payvision in order to differentiate ourselves among other players and to provide ISOs/ PSPs and their merchants all over the world with innovative & successful international online payment solutions.

Having the right people with the right skills is an important foundation for building an environment and culture where business can succeed. After decades of experience in the international credit card processing industry and e-commerce, we have learned that trust and human interaction are the keys to the success of any partnership.

Therefore, in our opinion, effective collaborative relationships are built on trust, through the sharing of expertise, knowledge and benefits. At the same time, building a long-term relationship  means keeping an eye toward the future and choosing our partners very carefully, based on clear evaluation criteria and insights.

Payvision’s Partnership programs

In the following, we are providing you with a short summary of our partnership programs, which we have developed in time, given various levels of involvement and accountability.

Referral Partner:

This is a very simple entry-level partnership: the partner provides us with an email address or contact details for a merchant, because he doesn’t usually  possess his own payment gateway. At this stage only, Payvision provides the Merchants with direct access to utilize the Payvision Payment Gateway, keeping the partner in the loop

Strategic Partner:

This partnership requires a little more effort from our partner – he has to collect all the paperwork from the merchant while Payvision is positioned in the background, facilitating and accommodating the entire acquiring process for the particular partner and his merchant.

Premium Partner & Premium Partner Plus programs:

The Premium Partner is responsible for all communication with the merchant regarding acquiring, risk and support. Payvision does not communicate with the merchant directly and it remains  undisclosed during the entire relationship. If there are issues that the partner cannot resolve for a merchant, the partner can contact their dedicated Payvision account manager for assistance. Our premium partners usually have their own proprietary payment gateway or they use third parties’ gateways, which are level 1 PCI compliant – in order to facilitate their merchants, who are part of Payvision’s global acquiring network.

Premium Partner Plus program is the most extensive version we offer. In this case, our partner assumes the liability for certain business he brings to our network, or we share liability together. We like to compare this partnership with a marriage. Sometimes you may give more than you get and sometimes you may get more than you give. A partnership is something that you constantly work on and share both the good and the bad parts of the relationship.

All the other criteria that reference the payment gateway and merchant communication included in the Premium Partnership are relevant to the Premier Partner Plus program, as well.

The benefits

Last, but not least, when speaking about the benefits our partners receive during our collaboration, we need to mention various aspects. Firstly, we offer our global banking network, that connects the partners and their merchants to our international acquiring banks or other ISOs/ PSPs, located all around the globe: Asia, Europe, Canada, U.S., and Latin America.

Also, as part of our commitment, we offer our own card processing technology developed in close collaboration with, and hosted by, Omnipay. We provide high-quality service, reliable reporting tools and services & a 24/7 Client Service dedicated team.

Our decades of expertise in international credit card processing have also allowed Payvision to become the trusted advisor of all our partners, providing personalized consulting regarding issues such as regional card schemes rules and regulations, processing in 150+ transaction currencies and regional settlement currencies, risk and fraud management and so on. Not to mention that we continuously monitor the market and new trends, constantly updating our innovative card payment platform, which is sustained by grounded architecture and a secure technical infrastructure.

With all this said, we look forward to welcoming your organization as a Reseller of our international online card payment solutions!



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