Q2/2015: Quarterly insights on the payments industry

Q22015 Quarterly Insights on the Payments Industry

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Cross-border ecommerce in China 

Late May Payvision’s team together with the Cross-border eCommerce Community (CBEC) went to Shanghai to attend and speak at the Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition. Chinese merchants were very keen to meet and share ideas with Western companies, and start benefiting from the tremendous business opportunities offered by the cross-border ecommerce. The 2-day event tackled both import and export aspects, with topics such as omnichannel – e-commerce, m-commerce, POS and MPOS – and its importance in tapping into the foreign markets. Localization and its challenges were also widely discussed, as well as the steps that foreign merchants looking to enter the Chinese market need to make. Don’t miss our video report with all the insights!

Global Acquiring

During the Global Acquiring Conference and together with an inspiring CEO audience, we have created a video report highlighting the Top Challenges Faced by the Global Acquiring Industry. We discussed the “global” nature of the global acquiring, focusing on the barriers merchants have when expanding internationally, as well as the latest developments in e- and m-commerce. The increased numbers of fraud, the severity and the way the fraudsters use and manipulate the compromised data were some of the main concerns the acquirers had voiced. Listen to our interview report and learn more about the present state of the global acquiring industry.

The Mobile Payments Revolution white paper
Payvision-The-Mobile-Payments-Revolution-ReportMobile payments and omnichannelling are the hot topics this year. Not only because Apple has broken into the mobile payments scene, collaborating with the card schemes, but also the response by the large-scale retailers and small start-ups, offering customized solutions. Excitement in the payments industry is off the scale.

The number of reports published on mobile payments reflects this buzz, yet each one focuses on a specific industry concern. We set out to write a unique, holistic white paper that addresses the full 360 degrees of mobile Internet. We were interested in its evolution and how it is profoundly changing the digital world. We look at the current data, analyse the crowded market, our predictions for the future, and outline what steps merchants should take to be ready.  The Mobile Payments Revolution paper can be downloaded for free on the Payvision website.

Payments Optimization white paper

We published our Payments Optimization paper in the first quarter of 2015. The object was to provide a step by step guide for online merchants facing a complex trade-off between a smooth checkout experience and rigorous anti-fraud measures.

The paper explores the complicated topic of back office integration. This is particularly pertinent with merchants looking overseas to expand their business, and the number of alternative payments and channels cross-border ecommerce exposes. The paper outlines the necessary steps and opportunities when mapping and implementing a payments optimization strategy. Payments Optimization is available for free download on the Acapture website.

infographic-online-shopping-cross-border-ecommerce-south-africa-2014UAE and South Africa Infographics

We extended our catalogue of Online Shopping Cross-Border Ecommerce Infographics by adding 2014 market data for UAE and South Africa.

This takes our total coverage to 20 markets. We are working on updating all our infographics to reflect the latest 2014 figures, to be published later in the year.



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