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Social casino is an incredibly hot space”, says Bret Terril, founder of the 12Gigs company. We thought the same!

We have conducted a research paper, available to you in Payvision’s latest launched report: Two Worlds Collide: Traditional & Real-money Gaming converge in the Race for Social Casino, completed by in-depth interviews with the industry leaders, conducted during the GDC and GiGse conferences in San Francisco. We focused on understanding the interests of both traditional & real-money gaming companies in the social casino, its future, the mergers & acquisitions in the market, the influence of mobile, and how people pay to play in the traditional & real-money gaming industry.

The collision of real money and social casino is happening because, on one hand, social casino represents a new revenue source for the established casino-operators. In the US there is the belief that online gambling will be legalized in the coming years, so the real-money gaming companies want to gain new audiences by launching social games branded to their casinos, so as to move the new players into the real-money arena when it becomes possible. On the other hand, traditional gaming companies can offer the bricks-and-mortar casino atmosphere and can move it online, bridging the gap between online and offline customer interaction and creating more awareness around their games.

When talking about the future of social casino, it looks pretty bright!

The core social casino games are enjoyable whether a player chooses to sit on his sofa and play with his friends, or to go into a real casino and gamble. So we will see more people getting into this sector, and more creativity for the games’ style as people show more interest in playing different types of games. Some leaders also consider that the real-money gaming industry should have a greater interest in using social media and easy content sharing, to bring out education about the products, with a final goal of finding those customers who are interested in real-money gaming.

As the social casino market now accounts for some 1.7 billion dollars, it will definitely raise more interest for new players to step into this new gaming genre. There is an increased need for traditional gaming companies to develop special casino games abilities, given that it’s a completely different game genre. So, most of the leaders agree that there will be more partnerships in the industry.

We also found that mobile is a key influencer for social casino; just as in any industry development, mobile is where the growth is going to occur, and social casino doesn’t deviate from the rule.

Social casino has grown to become one of the most profitable social games genres, so another aspect discussed with industry leaders is the payment method. Credit cards are still seen as the preferred payment method. This preference is also sustained by the fact that the players want seamless payment flows, with greater potential for users to complete a transaction.

To download the full report and other white papers published by Payvision, click here.

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