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More and more retailers are expanding globally in today’s ecommerce and global payments market,  in order to attract new customers by conquering new markets. As we extensively discussed in our recently launched White Paper, global ecommerce has been growing by 19% each year on averageand it’s predicted to hit $1.4 trillion . However, although ecommerce is a major engine of business growth, cross-border ecommerce has yet to reach its full potential. Access to markets such as China or Latin America is greater than ever, thus providing merchants, acquirers, ISOs and banks all over the globe with new business growth opportunities. But, for ecommerce to sustain this growth, essential factors such as online payments and reliable payment processing partners must become more significant.

Decision-makers know that the time-to-market is a major inconvenience. Extending services into new territories represents a costly challenge requiring significant upfront investment and effort: from delivering suitable international payment options to adapting to the local legal and regulatory requirements, as well as providing reliable risk & fraud management tools. Your priority should, therefore, be to build business relationships with other cross-border Financial Institutions in the USA, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific, as this will finally lead your organization to business growth and global expansion.

In order to understand how our experts and our Global Acquiring Nework can sustain your development and global expansion,  we need to have a look at Payvision’s product suite & services.

We have been specialized in ecommerce card payments processing for more than a decade,offering a secure Global Payment Network defined by four pillars, as follows:

  1. Global card processing:

Domestic Acquiring Banks, International Payment Service Providers, ISOs and their Web Merchants are the essential connecting points within our Global Acquiring Network. By offering regional and domestic acquiring solutions, and connecting these nodes, we can provide all the stakeholders in the payment value chain with access to tremendous cross-border ecommerce business opportunities.

From the operational point of view, over the years, Payvision’s Single Payments Processing Platform has allowedour customers to track, manage and control their international payment transactions, through a full-service model and high-end Reporting Interface. Check our Partnership Programs to have a better understanding of how you can access our international network of PSP, ISO, MSP’s, and as well as a wide variety of international e-merchants.

2.  Innovative payment solutions:

In today’s global ecommerce market, merchants are demanding custom-tailored services and innovative payment solutions in order to expand their cross-border ecommerce.  Market players will therefore seek to innovate and to partner with innovative companies in this ever-evolving and challenging technological environment in order to stand out in the crowded online payment arena.

We regularly measure and research market trends, and we are currently staffing personnel in order to monitor the evolution of the international credit card processing market and cross-border ecommerce development. In doing so, our experts have acquired and will continue to attain high levels of knowledge to enable them to build specialized cutting-edge secured payment solutions. Learn more about our innovative card payment platform.

3.     Payment expertise:

Our organization numbers 100 people, who are fully dedicated to assisting our 300 partners and their ~5,000 web merchants worldwide. We act as a Trusted Advisor, on a day to day basis, sharing our global Card Payments knowledge with various stakeholders within our Global Acquiring Network. Besides such specific issues as Interchange, Risk and Underwriting, legislation or compliance, custom-tailored advice  best practices and market trends are all part of Payvision’s shared payment expertise.

4.     Risk & fraud management:

Only a very tiny percentage of 0,0001% of all the transactions that Payvision processes have ended in a financial loss. Compared with the worldwide e-commerce this is a very small percentage indeed. How do we do it?

Over the years we have combined all of our own risk managers’ knowledge with data analysis and then translated it into proprietary risk management tools. Along with that, we also use the available tools that exist on the market. We thus combine these into an in-house product created and designed to safeguard our partners’ business  and that of their merchants.

Find out more about our risk management tools and underwriting protocol here.

To provide you with a concise summary, Payvision is offering a Global Acquiring Network that all the stakeholders in the payment process business in the various regions can benefit, while speeding up the global expansion process and making cross-border ecommerce truly profitable.

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