People of Payvision: a talk with Martine Berden

On March 8, in occasion of the International Women’s Day, we set up a women-only internal call to jump-start a conversation on how it is being in the fintech industry. It’s been a brightening experience, and we want to keep the highlight on developing careers in fintech.

5 min read

Internships in Fintech: starting your career in Payvision

Curious to hear how interning at Payvision is like?  

8 min read

Is working-from-home bringing corporate culture to a halt? At Payvision, we think not

It’s been almost a year since companies had to hastily latch their offices and send their employees to the safety of their own homes, staying away from an invisible danger. And with this, the saga of permanently working from home began.

3 min read
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People of Payvision - at home

Working from home – probably the biggest impact COVID-19 has made within organizations. Just think – from your circle of friends or acquaintances, how many have continued their work routine the same as before the pandemic? None, right? Or maybe just a very few.

5 min read

Productivity beyond the physical office

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic that’s coursed through the first half of 2020 (so far) has twirled our lives in ways we’ve never imagined. Undeniably, we’re all witnesses of the largest global public health event to occur in modern times.

4 min read

The payments shake up: How buying will change post-coronavirus

It’s crazy times for retailers and merchants indeed, among others. Customers are staying home, everyone’s eschewing cash, and people prefer to pay with their smartphones because touching a terminal could pose a health risk.

10 min read
Payvision_PSD2 Making complicated security regulations straightforward

PSD2: Making security regulations straightforward

The payments and e-commerce industries are buzzing about the revised Payment Service Directive (aka PSD2). And there’s still plenty of debate going on around this topic.

3 min read

Today's landscape in retail payments

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