Internships in Fintech: starting your career in Payvision

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Curious to hear how interning at Payvision is like?  

In 2020 we started our internship program, opening positions in several departments. Since then, a bunch of bright students joined the Payvision team and started their professional becoming, gaining experience in the payment industry. 

One’s previous experience doesn’t play a factor in being chosen as an intern. Attitude, ethics, and eagerness to learn are the key elements, and we aim to ensure that all Payvisioners flourish and find the best use for their skills and ambitions. When it comes to our interns, we know they’re into an energetic and fast-changing stage of life. As we’re looking forward to welcoming new people, we wanted to hear what our last interns have enjoyed and learned during their experience with Payvision. 

“I was really looking forward to interning. To putting in practice everything that I learned, to feel empowered in a professional environment, and learn from my colleagues. “ 

                                                                                                                     -  Susan, HR Intern, Payvision.


We sat down with Susan, HR intern, and Ingrid and Veronica, PR, and Communication interns to hear about their experience. 

Each joined during the last year of their studies and already spent from 4 to 10 months in Payvision, while still attending some classes and working on their thesis. Every student looking for a job wonders how to improve their skills and get relevant professional experience while keeping up with exams. As Ingrid admitted, “it seems at first like an impossible task to balance work and school.” All the interns had the opportunity to polish up the fine art of time management, but also mentioned that having support from managers’ was a game-changer.   

What can a Payvision intern do? 

Now that we know our interns got to truly enjoy their work in Payvision, let’s check out their daily schedules. In the dynamic Fintech industry, there’s plenty of projects to work on, and there’s no time to get bored. To get around COVID-19 restrictions on social life, all teams spend some time on calls and online check-ins. As Susan says:  

“I absolutely love the energy among colleagues and the conversations with them, since it’s an awesome bunch of people working here. I love the support from my team from which I learn a lot and I can ask any answer to my questions

                                                                                                                        - Susan, HR Intern, Payvision.


Nonetheless, everyone has enough self-time to spend on their own projects and take care of their to-do lists. This allows plenty of autonomy in their work and time for our high-spirited interns to come with fresh ideas and initiatives.  

This is the case for one of our employee engagement highlights this year - the women-only internal event on International Women’s Day. Ingrid and Susan took the lead in bringing together the women in our company, to share their experiences in an industry traditionally dominated by guys.  Although Ingrid recalls being nervous in coordinating everything, she smiles when remembering the tremendous excitement and the support everyone gave them to make the project happen.  It was a success they can be proud of, unanimously acknowledged by all participants

“The Women of Payvision internal event on International Women’s Day was a project that I really wanted to do and I received so much support doing it. It was such a successful event, something I am very proud of pulling off. “  

                                                                            - Ingrid, PR and communication intern, Payvision.


Working experience: expectations and reality   

We asked our interns which expectations they had before starting their internship and how they feel about these in hindsight. They all shared the excitement for the new experience, but this comes with understandable concerns.  

I was so thrilled to kick-start my career in such a far-reaching company, but I was also a bit scared of getting lost in the crowd. Now I truly feel part of something!”  

                                                                    - Veronica, PR and Communication intern, Payvision.


Needless to say, we’re delighted to hear that the internship exceeded the expectations, and we’re glad our interns were bold enough to take up responsibilities and projects, adding real value to the company and building toward our culture.  

Working from home hasn’t fulfilled their thirst for socializing as much as it would have happened in normal times, but the possibilities for networking aren’t lacking. Among the skills they’ve learned, our three interviewees mentioned the capability of e-collaborating with people in a professional manner, appreciating the cooperation with different teams.  

After getting the full picture, we wanted to end up with a word for all the wannabe interns out there, so we asked:  

Any advice for someone looking for an internship?  

Ingrid: My advice for future interns is to not be afraid to ask questions (even if you think you may sound dumb). If you don’t know something just ask. Don’t be afraid to take initiative or pitch your ideas and finally, take in as much information as you can. It’s a great time to learn as much as possible and it’s okay to make a mistake – now’s the time to do it! 

Susan: Think beforehand about what you want to learn, what you have to offer, and what company would be a good match for your goals. Start looking in time, and at the right places.  

Veronica: Ask yourself: what do I really want to learn? What can this job/company give me? And what can I give them? It is a process of growth, professionally and personally, so it’s good to challenge yourself a bit 😉  


It was fun to hang around with our interns, and we hope you learned just as much as we did. 

Feeling inspired to jump-start your career in an energized company? That’s your call, join us and apply for an internship in Payvision 

The author

Veronica joined Payvision in 2021, as a Communications intern. She brings a wealth of skills, enthusiasm and passion for well written texts and engagement.

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