Flashback to MPE Berlin 2019

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Known as the payments industry’s knowledge hub, MPE Berlin is always the place to be when looking to get fresh insights, check in with merchants and exchange best practices with peers.

Today we’re taking a look at last year’s edition, which brought forward topics we’ve been discussing for a while now, as well as new trends that are set to take over the conversation. Here’s the flashback to MPE Berlin 2019:

Regulation, regulation, regulation

Although we’ve already seen plenty of studies showing that the commerce industry is not really prepared for PSD2 and GDPR, it appears that many companies still lack awareness about how these regulations will impact them. As David Birch from Consult Hyperion argued, these frameworks are reshaping the sector’s boundaries.

Impactful trends

Trust is a must-have ingredient in today’s virtual world of commerce. Merchants have to prove that they’re trustworthy not just when establishing relationships, but also after converting consumers into customers.

Next to that, These two trends will spice up the commerce sector, paving the way for a secure, seamless and futuristic shopping experience. We can already envision what this experience looks like: it’s fast, convenient and you barely realize it’s happened.

The biggest payments disruption

It seems like almost every year, we hear about an upcoming disruption in payments. So it’s time to take a step back and analyze what a real payments disruption would in fact be. Technologies like AI have been shifting the way we do business, but we can’t say they’ve had the same effect that the cards and apps had had when they were introduced, for example.   

New buzzword: “privtech”

As we become more and more conscious about the privacy that we compromise in exchange for the different apps and services we use online for free, there’s a new concept starting to take shape: privtech. It’ll be interesting to watch this evolve alongside regulations such as GDPR, which are setting boundaries for the first time in this area.

With these topics already keeping us busy, we can’t help but wonder what developments will 2020 bring to the industry. What do you think?

The author

Gijs is one of the three Payvision's co-founders and acted as our COO until April 2020. He’s got extensive knowledge on the e-commerce and global payments industries, especially when it comes to joint ventures and strategic investments. With his industry expertise and know-how on the growth of the e-commerce sector, Gijs has become a distinguished panelist at events.

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