Is working-from-home bringing corporate culture to a halt? At Payvision, we think not

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It’s been almost a year since companies had to hastily latch their offices and send their employees to the safety of their own homes, staying away from an invisible danger. And with this, the saga of permanently working from home began.

When it comes to work, most of us are innately wired to work in teams, brainstorm, seek support and collaboratively bring projects to life. Just like millions of others, stranded behind small laptop screens, Payvisioners found themselves struggling with replacing organizational culture with ‘household’ or ‘solo’ culture.

With all teams working remotely, sustaining company culture and bond suddenly became the one thing Communications and HR departments had to withstand. With one year of practice in the making, and through trial and error, we’ve discovered a few insights on how we can maintain our organizational culture. We think corporate culture is a living routine, it’s influenced and shaped by the old and newer team members. They all bring their own backgrounds and experiences, making the culture shift its original mold. The backbone keeping it together is the shared values and the mission of the organization. By maintaining best practices of collaboration, we can ensure top notch service for our clients too. We want to pay it forward and provide you with a few tips on how you can help your companies culture flourish.

Tip #1. Keep face-to-face communication – even if that’s only on video

At Payvision, we have a monthly e-newsletter that gets sent to all colleagues. It contains news and updates from various departments, the topics are on people, products, services, or clients. Once COVID hit, we thought this communication tool could turn into something bigger. So, we started a live video version of this monthly newsletter, where all employees can dial in. These calls help us stay connected with one another while also offering an opportunity for active discussion with all members of the Payvision crew. While some colleagues don’t shy away from actively getting involved in the call with questions and observations, others prefer or even love to sit back, and just watch and listen. Microsoft Teams now offers many multi-user display options and add-ons, making video calls feel a bit like a real gathering. One way we make sure that all colleagues can make it is by having a recurring monthly meeting penciled into their calendars, so they don’t have to worry about missing out.

Tip #2. Celebrate one another

We take great pride in the fact that we’re an international and multi-cultural group, with employees coming from literally all corners of the world. What better way to acknowledge this than by celebrating the holidays and traditions of where our colleagues come from? Whether it’s sending a little gift in celebration of the different holidays or writing an intranet post about it, we want to take a moment to celebrate the diversity amongst Payvisioners. As they say, “in diversity there is beauty and there is strength”.

Tip #3. Find ways to support each other

The all-knowing internet is full of newly found wisdom, with guides educating on how to strike the right work-life balance, when both take place under the same roof 24-7. We went up close and personal, to find out how our Payvisioners dealt with the struggles of working from home. This is when we started the People of Payvision – at home project. This series involves colleagues sharing how they’ve overcome the challenges of working from home and sharing their personal tips and tricks on marrying work with family time and keeping a fit mind, body, and soul. If you haven’t seen our previous article on the people of Payvision – at home, you can check it out here.

Tip #4. Don’t forget to have fun!

Our colleagues in the Madrid office also carry out a weekly game of Bingo. Planning this time is a great way for us to catch up with one another in a more casual setting while bringing out our competitive side too. During our virtual Christmas party in 2020, we also played a Bingo game amongst all Payvisioners and it was a great way for us to see one another outside of a business-focused setting. Some of our other teams within Payvision schedule virtual Friday drinks to wind down at the end of a busy week. With quite a few technical solutions out there, we’re planning to extend the gamified online gatherings, bringing colleagues together just for fun events.

Trying to preserve company culture through a laptop is especially hard, but it’s now more important than ever to make sure we’re finding ways to support one another and while maintaining what we’re all about: passionate, frank, curious, supportive, and street-smart.

The author

Ingrid is a valuable intern in the Communications department. She is in charge of our social media channels, catering to our corporate reputation.

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