Mazda + Payvision: Making payments straightforward

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As a global acquirer and payments provider, the name of our game is building custom payment solutions for our merchant clients. We know the world of payments can be a complicated scene, which is why we like to make things as straightforward as possible.

Recently, we tackled a challenge just like this with Mazda for the European launch of their first electric vehicle, the MX-30. They needed a whole new checkout platform to process reservations for their latest product. And they needed a unique solution delivered in only seven months. Curious how we did it? Well, so were we. And it turns out our team’s collaboration skills were key.

We caught up with Victor Tiller, our Business Development Manager, to get behind the scenes on how the project evolved. He shared some pretty cool insights on how we worked together with Mazda to deliver a customized solution for their customers.

Hey Victor, before we dive right into the project specs with Mazda, can you tell us a bit about your background in payments?

As a seasoned business developer, my age does matter, although everyone likes to tell me it doesn’t. 😉 I’ve been working in the IT and fintech sector for quite a while now. Over the last few years, my interest in fintech has really grown.

Payments is such a crucial part of the bigger picture for running a business. With my background in IT, I’m very familiar with that concept. Customer behavior in payments changes fast too, plus technology and strategy. It’s an exciting ecosystem.

And what attracted you specifically to working in payments at Payvision?

I like our teams very much – the people are the best. We have so many different nationalities. The culture here really sets us apart. We all respect each other and work together to align on the best approach, even if it’s sometimes in “Denglish” (aka a strange mix of Dutch and English).

Also, because we’re a relatively small company, our partnership with ING really gives us the best of both worlds. It’s also one of the reasons I joined Payvision – it’s such an interesting duo we’ve got with banking and fintech.

Alright, and to mix it up, give us a fun, random fact about you. Go wild.

I like being adventurous and traveling with my motorcycle on road trips. I’m into going off the beaten path, literally off-roading as well. Sometimes you get lost or stuck, but that’s what I like. You don’t know what to expect and you get a new situation where you need to adapt or improvise. I like that with sales situations as well. It keeps you creative.

Victor Tiller

We’re of course super intrigued about how this project went with our recent client, Mazda. Can you tell us a bit about this whole plan came to fruition?

We met the Mazda team after a smooth introduction from our mutual partner, ING. My job from the beginning was really to manage the relationship between Payvision, Mazda and ING. You need to have a solid relationship with all teams involved. Balance is key.

So what specifically attracted you about developing this solution with Mazda?

They had so many teams spread throughout the world, from many disciplines. I like this kind of challenge to organize and brainstorm with people from all backgrounds to create unique solutions together. I’ve been in the business a while, so this is one of my strong points – coordinating for a seamless solution with teams like Marketing, Operations, Legal, Finance and more, both within Mazda and Payvision.

We approached it as a team effort, which I think is a really important element when starting a project with new clients.

Sounds like you were quite involved and willing to contribute to the early discussions. Were there others from Payvision who were there along with you in the brainstorming phase with Mazda?

Yes, definitely. Our Technical Integration team, Product Owners and Fraud Specialists were crucial to the relationship management. We spent a lot of time providing clarity with regards to what 3DS2 means for merchants, making sure we had a multilingual platform with 15 languages, and ensuring the API integration was as smooth as possible.

Beyond the teamwork element, what else was most inspiring to you about this solution building process?

With so many teams involved from both sides, making swift decisions was a challenge, but everyone really contributed their specific expertise and input. This was inspiring in itself because we brought so many great ideas together. That’s really how you reach the best solutions.

So we’ve covered a lot of how you felt about the process, but how would you say Mazda experienced the collaboration on their end?

Well, they were beyond satisfied with the fact that we’d created such a unique solution for them – and especially in just seven months. I think they could see how dedicated we were to delivering a quality payments platform in such a short time frame.

With such a smooth experience working together, what’s next in the pipeline for our collaboration with Mazda in the future?

They’re of course innovating all the time on new launches, vehicles and more. We’re looking forward to working with them on their next solution, whether it’s in Europe, the US, or further afield. Our payment solutions and global acquiring network are robust enough to support whatever they’ll need.


Looking for a unique solution for your payments setup? Get in touch with one of our Business Development gurus to see how we can set you up for success. And to find out more about our Mazda collab, check out the case study.


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