The recipe for a successful fintech x banking collaboration

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Fusion and close collaboration between different players – that’s what we’re seeing a lot of in the payments world at the moment.  In the past, banks and fintechs may have been considered rivals due to their distinct nature, but today it’s a completely different story. We should know, after all. Since 2018, we’ve partnered with ING to bring enhanced payment propositions to both merchants and financial institutions. 

Here’s what our collaboration looks like:

The recipe for partnership success

Make sure you complement each other’s capabilities so that together, you can offer your clients the best of both worlds. By combining our proposition with ING’s, we have the opportunity to speed up our growth while they serve up the latest innovation in online payments to their broad client portfolio.

Innovative fintech x banking solutions

“Omnichannel” isn’t just a buzzword any longer – it’s the new normal. That means merchants today need to offer their customers a seamless, unified shopping experience across all channels. By adding ING’s point-of-sale (POS) proposition to our established e-commerce solution, we can support them better in accommodating the demands of modern consumers.

Partner up – but make it smart

A good partnership will always be based on a shared vision of the future, so make sure you keep that in mind when joining forces. Because inevitably, and without a doubt, you’ll also discover huge differences between your organizations. The key here is to take advantage of these differences, ensure they add value to your collaboration and enhance your success in the market. Take the time to understand each other and explore where these differences come from, so you can maximize the potential they present to your collaboration.

Lastly, partnering up doesn’t mean you have to give up your culture. On the contrary, you’ve got to work towards keeping that unique culture alive and strong. Why? Your Identity Is what unites your staff and keeps them energized to do their best work. That's the fuel you need to keep driving your growth, and It’s also the same unique Ingredient that makes you a valuable partner."

Curious to learn more about our combined fintech x banking solution?  Get in touch with our Payment Experts.


The author

Gijs is one of the three Payvision's co-founders and acted as our COO until April 2020. He’s got extensive knowledge on the e-commerce and global payments industries, especially when it comes to joint ventures and strategic investments. With his industry expertise and know-how on the growth of the e-commerce sector, Gijs has become a distinguished panelist at events.

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